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Worldwide Observatory Annual Means

Information about World Observatory Annual Means

Select an observatory from the scrolling list below. Click on the submit button and the following information is displayed:
  • the latitude in degrees and minutes.
  • the longitude in degrees and minutes.
  • the observatory code.
  • the date.
  • declination in degrees and (decimal) minutes. (declination is positive if magnetic north is east of true north).
  • the horizontal intensity (H) in nT.
  • inclination in degrees and (decimal) minutes. (inclination is positive in the downward direction).
  • the north component (X) in nT.
  • the east component (Y) in nT.
  • the vertical component (Z) in nT (Z is positive downwards).
  • the total intensity in nT.
Records which have **** in the code field are discontinuities due to site or instrument standard changes. To update the observatory annual means prior to the time of the discontinuity to the new site or standard, the discontinuity values should be subtracted.
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World Data Centre of Geomagnetism (Edinburgh)