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Automatic detection of ionospheric Alfvén resonances

Geomagnetism Review 2013

Grid Magnetic Angle calculator

Viewing the Northern Lights

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Automatic detection of ionospheric Alfvén resonances

A new paper published on automatic detection of ionospheric Alfvén resonances.

Read more about BGS's work with high-frequency magnetomers.

Geomagnetism Review 2013

Read our review of the Geomagnetism Team's activities in 2013.

Grid Magnetic Angle calculator

Something interesting is happening to the magnetic field in Great Britain this year. Find out what!

Try out our grid magnetic angle calculator to correct between magnetic bearings and map bearings.

Viewing the Northern Lights

Read our guide on how to see the Northern Lights from the UK.

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When we predict an increase in magnetic activity we send out a geomagnetic disturbance alert.
Notice of a potential magnetic storm increases your chance of seeing the Northern Lights!

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Our data and expertise help to develop scientific understanding of change in the Earth and the environment, from deep within the core out into space.

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About our magnetic observatory operations, UK surveying, equipment.

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Overviews of the Earth's magnetic field, reversals, magnetic poles.

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