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Good pointers

Compass confusion?

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Good pointers - helping smartphones show the way

Ciaran Beggan and Tim Taylor discuss how monitoring the Earth's magnetic field allows your smartphone to help you find your way.

Advance of the Agonic - what does this mean?

Dr Susan Macmillan explains what the agonic is and why its advance towards the UK could spell confusion for compass users.

About BGS Geomagnetism

The Geomagnetism team measures, records, models and interprets variations in the Earth’s natural magnetic fields.

Our data and expertise help to develop scientific understanding of change in the Earth and the environment, from deep within the core out into space.

We also provide geomagnetic products and services to industry and to academic colleagues and we use our knowledge for information and education.

Video introduction


Modelling the Earth's magnetic field, space weather hazards.


About our magnetic observatory operations, UK surveying, equipment.

Data and Services

Observatory data, indices, models, charts, applications.


Overviews of the Earth's magnetic field, reversals, magnetic poles.

Global activity now!

Find out what the current global geomagnetic activity level is.